How Has The Sexual Revolution Effected Us?

We undertook an interview with Dani a 19 year old collage student, asking questions on her opinion on the sexual revolution from 1920’s to the present day, focusing on which subjects stand out most prominently.
The sexual revolution is undeniably a huge part of history. It’s most famous movement was that of the women’s liberation, however the sexual revolution also had a massive impact on the attitudes between men and women.
The sexual revolution ‘has come a long way’ however there are ‘still people out there with closed minds’. Obviously attitudes have changed, female stereotypes ‘changed especially in the 1920’s-90’s’ however more recently women have achieved closer to equality.
It’s not only female stereotypes that have changed, general sexuality has become far more ‘accepted’. Although people’s minds have ‘expanded’, with problems such as homophobia still circulating in society it is clear that there are ‘still people that don’t understand’. Focusing more specifically on sexuality, over the years what makes somebody gay or straight has been speculated. However, popular opinion now believes ‘your sexuality grows on you from a young age’, and ‘people find what they are comfortable with’.
Contraception and age of consent are two stand-out issues. Recently there has been debate of the age of consent being lowered to 14, ‘this age of consent is wrong’ it ‘should be higher’. If the age of consent was lowered from 16 to 14 opens up a lot of question of the responsibility of younger teens, contraception will have to become more accessible. However ‘having contraception doesn’t make it acceptable’ to have sex at a younger age. People using contraception at an older age ‘is acceptable’ as it gives women their own choice on if and when they have children.
So yes, the sexual revolution has changed society, and from public opinion for the better. Although society still has downfalls. There are still people discriminated against because of sex or sexuality, so there is still more for society to learn.

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